Just 2 Minutes Rename Labels in Blogger

Dear friends Just 2 Minutes Rename Labels in Blogger. How ? Labelled your blog post is very important for SEO. It help to organize your blog posts and also web crawlers will better understand your post content and it's categories. It's not a tough job to create new label. We can simply write the name of the label and publish the post. Then the post got labelled with that label. But sometime we need to rename a label. Blogger Interface not provides any direct option to edit labels name. But you can do it by a simple trick. This is a common need of newbie bloggers who just create the labels without knowing the value of best naming labels. By best naming labels, I mean to say that you should give a proper keyword rich and SEO friendly name to your labels and labelled your all blog posts with best suited labels. It's also a best place to add keyword in your posts. Labeling the blog posts will boost blog ranking in search engines. So, let see how to rename labels in blogger.

Rename Blogger Labels

  1. Go to blogger dashboard and select Posts.
    blogger posts
  2. Press All labels button at the top right side of your screen and from the drop down menu choose that label which you want to edit. In my case I choose Blogger Widgets and Plugins.
    choose label
  3. Now tick the checkbox button as shown in below screenshot. By doing this, all the posts will be selected automatically which are labelled with that label you want to rename.
    select label
  4. Now click on the drop down menu and hit on New Label.
    select new label
  5. A dialog box will appear. Enter the new label name in it. For example: I want to rename my Blogger Widgets and Plugins label to Blogger Widgets then I simply enter Blogger Widgets in the text field. As shown in the screenshot below.
    select new label
  6. At this time you may notice that your posts have two labels, new one as well as old one also. To remove the old label, go to drop down menu again and click on old label name. See below screenshot.
    select new label
  7. Once you click the old label, a message will display on your screen like:
    select new label
Congratulation! You have successfully renamed your blog post label. Let me clear you one thing. This is not the renaming of labels. It's just a trick which acts like renaming. What we done is we delete the old label and create a new label for our posts. But who cares. It's time to be happy because your posts are now labelled with that label which you want to use.


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