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schedule blogger posts
Blogger provides us some very handsome features but many of the users are unvaried from them. In my blogging career I was also not aware with a very powerful feature of blogger platform that is scheduling the posts. Today while reading some great blogs I got this trick that helps us in future posting. Scheduling the posts for future posting is very helpful tool that provide facility to the publishers to auto publish their posts at the scheduled time while they are not able to post it manually.  In this tutorial I will tell you how to schedule posts in blogger blog and why we need to schedule posts in blogger. Let's go to the tutorial.

Why We Need Scheduling?

We all know that it is very important to update our blog on regular basis to maintain our blog readership and to keep our readers happy with new posts that help to increase blog traffic. But how we update our blog if we are busy in our exams, need to go for vacation, any tour or to attend any marriage outside the city. At that time we can write multiple posts before going for any occasion and schedule them so that they got published automatically in our absence. Now you know the benefits of auto posts to blogger so let see how to do it.

Schedule Blog Posts

Follow below some easy steps to learn scheduling your blog posts.
  1. Go to blogger dashboard.

  2. Create new post.

  3. Once complete writing your posts, select Schedule from post editor on the right side.

  4. schedule posts

  5. Once you click on schedule posts tool, you will see two options there. Click on Set date and time option and select the time and date on which you want to schedule your posts for future auto posting.

  6. set date and time

  7. Press done button.

  8. Now click on publish button. Don't worry your post will not publish now. It will publish at the same date and time you have scheduled it.

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