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Make Blogger Blog Private

Blogs created on blogger are by default open for all readers so that they can come and read any blog according to their choice. But sometime we need to make our blog private so that nobody can read it without our permission like in case of private blog where we share our family photos for family members only or a blog for friends so that only they can read that blog. The reason can be different for different bloggers to make their blogger blog private and restricted for specific readers.

Blogger provides a weird tool by which we can easily restrict our blog for public readers. They will not be able to access our site. Only blog admins and authors can access the blog if they are log in to their Google account. Let's start the tutorial.

Make Private Blog in Blogger

Log in to Blogger and go to Settings >> Basics >> Blog readers.

blogger basic settings

Under the blog readers section click on edit link where you will find below three options.

  1. Anybody: This option is selected by default means your blog is open for public readers. Anyone can access your blog.

  2. Only Blog Authors: If you choose this option then your blog will become restricted for public users. Only blog admin and blog authors can read the blog. But they have to log in to their Google Account to access the blog.

  3. Only These Readers: This is the last option which provides the facility to open your blog for particular readers. You can enter the list of their email ids so that they can receive an invitation to become your blog readers.
Choose any one from these three options and click on "Save changes" button.


Making Blog Private Is A Good Idea! I Just Made My Blog Private Just for Invited Friends. This is Super Cool!


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