Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 PC Game

Ghost Warrior 2 has all the hallmarks of a typical modern military FPS: linear corridors filled with thick enemies, strategically placed explosive barrels, one-dimensional characters who spout military jargon and things explosion. But the difference is that you secretly, rather than blasting your way through these tunnels scenario of war nonsense. This feature stealth section.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 PC Game

 At first, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. It looks reasonably pretty thanks , so I thought it might be an enjoyable parade of shallow but visually dazzling set-pieces. Wrong. This is a bad game with a maddening stealth AI, bewildering checkpoint placement, and idiotic ultra-macho dialogue.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 PC Game

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Game!
File Size:6.75GB
System Requirements!
  • Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
  • Ram: 2 GB ,3 GB For Windows 7
  • Video Memory: 512 MB
  • Cpu: Intel Core 2 Due 2.0 GHz
  • HDD: 9 GB
  •  Download link

But the sniping must be good, right? It is, after all, a game solely about shooting people from great distances. The rifles feel powerful, and there's wind and bullet drop to consider if you're playing on hard. Long, well-placed shots are rewarded with a slow motion bullet-cam, but it's always an anticlimax. There are no worrying, gruesome Sniper Elite-style exploding heads here; enemies just go limp and fall over with a feeble squirt of blood.


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