Android Game Dragon ball

Android Game Dragon ball
When I was appointed to review Dragon Ball Online, my first reaction was excitement. I remember the cartoon Dragon Ball Z with love and until recently started watching Dragon Ball clips on YouTube, while in a drunken nostalgii.Znakovyh anime and manga by Akira Toriyama legendary all conversations on playgrounds and school canteens to grow, so I thought, I could not miss the opportunity to enjoy the nostalgic - and went online! He even says in the title. But as soon as I downloaded the game from the Play Store, and saw a pop-up on my tablet as "Ngoc Rong" I knew that something, somewhere has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

When I touched the app and starts loading the game, I was immediately taken aback by the presentation igry.Igra loaded in Vietnamese, with English translation. He felt a little bad as I played a bootleg from another game. Is the developer even the rights to these characters?

Dragon Ball Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online game for the Android in the same vein as Maplestory. You choose from three races: The Saiyans, the humans and the Namekians. Once you choose your race, there are only three looks to choose from all based off characters from the show and manga and that’s all the customization you get. From there, you’re training begins, and that training consists of harvesting Senzu beans and collecting chicken wings from gargoyles.

Yup. That last sentence was not a joke.

I’m someone who is really picky when it comes to MMOs, I admit. One of my favorite things to do  is interact with the hundreds and sometimes thousands of players online. I understand that menial side quest and grinding are expected, especially at the start of these types of games, but I almost couldn’t believe how absurd the mission was. Collect chicken thighs? (That sporadically became ‘chicken wings’ from time to time for no reason other than laziness)

The rest of the MMO experience was typical and bare. Most of the other people playing weren’t very chatty, and the customization wasn’t really there. The high-flying action felt subdued, and combat devolved to simply tapping the screen – a far cry from the Budokai Tenkaichi games. You also unlock certain skills as you progress, or buy your way through via in-app purchases.

But that  first mission set the tone for the rest of the game: An unabashedly mistranslated game that vaguely resembles Dragon Ball.

It reminded me of the small stands in New York City that sold bootleg bags and wholesale packs of white Hanes t-shirts. Something always felt off with the merchandise in these kiosks, even before I know that 9 times out of 10 everything was stolen or fake. The toys always grabbed my attention immediately – the frog in the pool of water, the squeaky gag toys and bubble blowers, but what always made me laugh, even as a boy, was the obvious knockoff Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z figures. You didn’t need to be a fan to notice the splotchy acrylic paint and laughable faces. They were like parodies being sold for full price.

A friend of mine received a cheap knockoff Dragon Ball toy as a gift from his unsuspecting mother. I found it in his room when I came to visit. When he left to the bathroom, I picked it up and held in my hand. It felt light and hollow. It was ugly. The paint had already begun to chip, and you can tell they repainted the same exact model for every character.

When I was holding the toy in my hand, I moved the arm and it snapped off, like a twig of off a branch. My friend came back from the bathroom and saw the broken toy in my hand. I thought he would’ve been mad at me. “I’m sorry,” I stammered before my friend shrugged his arms and replied “that toy was wack anyway.”

Playing Dragon Ball Online rekindled those feelings of betrayal and confusion I had when I stared at those plastic molds on store shelves. Dragon Ball Online is one of the worse games on the Play Store. Don’t bother downloading it. There are better DBZ games there are better free MMOs, and there are far better games to play on your phone.

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