Apple iHome, Apple center for home automation

Apple iHome, Apple center for home automation

Clearly, Apple also wants to enter the home automation or home automation platform with its new HomeKit, but do not know if we could see a device company in the near future ..

However, a new concept called iHome shows could be seen as a control center which is responsible for automating our home and is very much like an iPod Nano, with a little of what we hope iWatch.

IHome concept created by Martin Hajek can offer a better integration of the different functions of household appliances to function as better control than the iPhone.

The iHome has the ability to function as a thermostat, control the lights switched on or off, the power consumption, the alarm and until the music would sound in different parts of your home.

IHome screen has the ability to display the total electricity consumption and the current temperature.

The possibility exists that this information can be transmitted to an iPhone or iPad so you can better analyze all data and control remotely.

iHome integrate the fingerprint iTouch, as some speakers on the bottom that could be used to alert the user when they have made a selection.

Finally, iHome include a front camera that could serve as a kind of extra security for your home and will be connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Could this be your new entertainment center that controls everything in your home?

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