Wear Android work well on the clock LG G Watch

Wear Android work well on the clock LG G Watch

It may be that the LG G Watch is not the most anticipated smart watch that has Android Wear, but it might be the most important, as it would be the first out giving way at the beginning of a new platform that can come to lead without much difficulty the market of portable technology devices or clothing .

Now, shortly after meeting some Android notifications Wear, is the first time the AppDated site posts a video that show how it would work on any Android smart watch Wear , but this time is in the LG G Watch.

The LG G Watch video shows different options include Android Wear, a floating button Google Now , the battery status , date, and what appears to be some designs and alarm clock .

Similarly , the video shows the design of the watch , showing three shades of colors in different parts of the watch . The black bezel, pulse and bottom of the clock are white, while in the middle of the clock there is a golden line . In a way, the LG G Watch looks like a sandwich.

It is not believed that this is the final version of the LG G Watch but an almost final version , as there is sufficient fluidity at times. Although the LG G Watch is the beginning of Android Wear probably what got us more excited , many are eager to know the Moto 360 , the smart watch that Motorola would have this operating system and Google appears to have a much more elegant design.

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