Spread Your Content to a Mass Audience

7 Tips Spread Your Content to a Mass Audience
We prepared our message, the content that we want to send to the target audience and we expect feedback. We are at a key stage in the communication strategy: spreading the message.

We want our content in text, video, picture ... or varied mix to expand the network to reach many users. The more the merrier. At this stage assume that you have complete your ideal client profile and phase of market analysis and strategy also clinched contents.
We had to spread the message

Blogs friends. After a previous touchdown with bloggers in our industry, we mark a calendar published in several blogs with greater visibility than ours. We can find out what, besides using tools like Moz Bar, simply including the word "blog" + "blogger tips and tricks" in the search. Write at least the first 20-30 results.

The degree of success in terms of accepting guest posts depends partly on what you are positioned your personal brand . Do not worry, if you're not " popular " , at least have the blog well mounted with quality content and attractive design . The posivilidades multiply.

Social Networks . We enable our optimized Social Media channels for the dissemination of content. Video on the one hand , images of image networks , performing groups on Linkedin , Facebook , Twitter ... all whether our audience is there. If in doubt , look at what platforms is acting the better positioned you competition.
Email Marketing. Send your content through email users who have given you their email address voluntarily . If we are starting and do not yet have a list of subscribers , write an ebook, a course or a hearty discount coupon good on your website visible to exchange email . The email remains a highly effective sales channel , the user has shown interest in our content and we will send you our personalized message to your inbox .
SMS and WhatsApp . While there are no channels to be promoting our products continuously , we can be used for specific actions in which we launch an offer or promotion. The WhasApp is free and send a bunch of SMS is pretty cheap . We chose the tone of communication, we test and analyze . Without being espámicos (spam ) , if the first campaign given us good results , why not use this channel to specific promotions?
Interviews . Probably at this point you wonder , who's going to want to interview me? Good news, if you do not already know, you're an expert. At least they are for a small (or large , depending on your level of expertise ) audience. We all know more than many and less than others, and they are our mentors. What may desconozcas is that these mentors have other mentors and so on , the chain is infinite.
Online Advertising . If you want to attract visitors "for the day " to your landing or article , invest in online advertising. If you do not already know, you advertise in Facebook Ads works quite well, allowing good segmentation and Facebook is still king in terms of volume of users. I'm talking about getting an external web visits , no " likes" that seems to be an issue that has created some controversy. ABC also invest in Adwords blogs and contacts wherever you may be interested include your banners.
Offline . Everything online is fashionable and there is nothing closer , personal to know people physically . Go to events and meet people you talk with online . Furthermore, research programs related to your topic and send proposals radio, you can take more of a surprise . Thank you ! The media needs content, if yours is good , it is likely that interest them published.

Requirements for these actions to a good degree of acceptance

1. We have something of value to offer the world . Products , services, or both.

2 . Our ideal client is well defined. We know who is it for our message, what you need and where our audience is . To learn more about how to fill our ideal customer profile , read this post .

3 . Our personal brand is well defined. The more we progress this aspect , we obtain better results but it is equally important to be clear about how we want to perceive us users , what image we want to convey .

4. The house is built . We have a website and / or blog with quality content and good design. 'll Supporters and detractors at this point, but in my opinion a good design can be a decisive factor . Do not just be good, you also have to look it.

These are the tips that I would consider my content to spread and reach the maximum possible audience . It is possible that I missed something and you feel like completing the post with your experience and knowledge, what do you think ? Would you add anything?

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