9 Official Gadgets for Blogger Maybe you did not know

9 Official Gadgets for Blogger Maybe you did not know

When we talk about the gadgets to Blogger we can refer to any gadget that we add to our site, but there are some more popular than others, depending on the theme of the blog. For example, you can not miss all the gadget blog from "Recent Comments", "Latest posts" or "Post popular" as well as the gadget "Subscribe by email" gadget or perhaps the "Social" etc..

Here are very Popular 9 Official Gadgets for Blogger

When we design issue to our blogspot we can see a list of gadgets that are certainly unknown to us. Consider the following list of "9 officers for Blogger gadgets that may not know."

Label : This is an interesting gadget to show our "tags " blog in a sphere with a unique effect.

Top Twitter Pic of the Past Hour: This gadget shows the most popular photos published in the last hour Twitter.

Free Online Radio Music Player : This is a gadget that displays a radio online , easy to install with a click.

Torrents Search Engine : As the name says is a torrents search engine you can add in the sidebar of your blog.

World Clock : This is a gadget that shows you a digital world clock, easy to use.

John Lennon Quotes : Legendary music icon and former member of the famous band "The Beatles " , this gadget shows you every so often a different quote from John Lennon.

Food Tips : Interesting and little known gadget blogs especially for recipes and meals.

Diet and Weight Loss Tips: This gadget shows you some tips and tricks for weight control .

Analog Clock : Unlike the previous gadget of "Digital Clock" this is the gadget that displays an analog clock in your blog.

How to install these gadgets in Blogger?

It's easy ! You only need to go to the design of your blog and click on "Add Gadget" and look for the name of the gadget as shown in this post , in the same way you can find hundreds of gadget that you can use on your blog.

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