Top and Best Ways to Making Money Online with your Blog

Top and Best Ways to Making Money Online with your Blog

Hi Friends! To day i share a simple article Top and Best Ways to Making Money Online with your Blog in this article you know easily how to make money with a blog and starting blog. These simple ways will show you how to start a blog and make money online as an affiliate marketer and blogger. Even complete beginners to blogging and the online business world should be able to get started with the following ways

1. Pick A Topic
The first step to starting your own blog to make money online with is to pick a topic to target. The most obvious choice is to write about something that you are already knowledgeable and passionate about. But best if it is not a too obscure subject area because large markets such as health, wealth, relationships and entertainment are by far the easiest to make money in.

2. Choose A Blogging Platform 
You do not need to be a technical expert in order to start making money online with a blog. There are a number of popular blogging platforms out there that will let you quickly set things up with the click of a few buttons. A popular choice is the WordPress platform which has an easy to use graphical interface. But best to have it installed on your own blog instead of the free When you have your own domain then you brand yourself much better than the free version and this in turns help attract more visitors and improve conversions.

3. Start Posting Keyword Targeted Content
When you have a blog up and running the next step is to get visitors to your website so that you can make money from them. The most obvious way to get traffic to your blog is to publish daily keyword targeted content. Use the free Google Keyword Research Tool to get ideas for the sort of phrases your target market are typing into the search engines, and then publish daily blog posts around those keywords. It is slow going at first, but after a few months consistency things should really start to snowball.

4. Make Money Blogging
So now you have a blog in an in-demand niche that is generating daily traffic. The next step is to actually make money blogging by selling your visitors something! Affiliate marketing is a great way to start monetizing your blog traffic. Simply go over to a popular affiliate marketplace such as Clickbank and pick out an offer that makes a good fit for your visitors. This will often be an information product in the form of an ebook or video course that you can recommend to your visitors as part of your blog posts and banner advertising.

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