Worlds most wanted 10 Dark And Black Style Free Blogger Templates

In this post i have 10 awesome Blogger Templates with dark and very dark themes.Once again picking just ten was almost imposable, i sensed like a referee on a reality TV display having to choose a peak ten.There was a time when outside of the default Blogger templates the choices were restricted, but the templates available for Blogger now are unbelievable as designers let their creative side run wild.All these templates are free and are checked to work on all major browsers. 

 Most of these templates have extra Gadgets and Widgets built in like :

►Social bookmark buttons ►Re-tweet buttons
►Email subscriptions ►Search bars
►Read more functions ►Featured content sliders
►Menu bars and more..

So i managed to pick a top 10 but i have not put them in any particular order.Click on the Template title to get the preview and download details.

1. Night Tales - Unique Blogger Template

2. Sleepy Hollow - Halloween Blogger Template

3. Rythmag - Music Template

4. Design Pile - Web Designer Template

5. Twilight - Movie Blogger Template

6. SteamPunk - Industry Blogger Template

7. Web Tech - Black Blogger Template

8. Bad Mojo - Horror Movie Template

9. Fo1.01 - Ultimate Girly Template

10. Blog Dead - Metal Skull Template

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