Some Tips To Prevent Blogger's Block

Every bloggers want to the best of him. But you can't let it halt you. That is precisely why I've compiled some creative ways you can spark that Blogging muscle of yours.

Start a assemblage of blogs. It could be a jar or a can. easily location this collection jar on your table off to the edge. Every time you get an concept to compose a blog, just compose it down on a little part of paper and then location the 'blog slip' into your blog assemblage jar.

Watch some YouTube videos. This may not work for every person since it can effortlessly turn into mindless surfing of the web. But you could also discover certain thing and that thing you discover can be the theme of your next blog. 

You could also start a blog post about not knowing what to blog about. Sometimes all you have to do is just start typing a few words about something that happened to you or someone you know. At some point, you may actually be providing value by sharing your story. There could be some important lesson in there. At the very least, you would be sharing an networking with the blog-o-sphere.

You could start a blog file or a document. This idea is very similar to tip #1. You basically collect blog post ideas and file it whenever you come across something interesting. You can also add some notes or sentences when you insert the blog topic into the file. That would also give you some momentum and make it easier for you when you decide to use that topic for a blog post.

Last but not least is the timing aspect. I tried to blog about something first thing in the morning and not one idea even fell out of my skull onto my keyboard. But it is completely opposite for me when I'm trying to blog at night. I am much more creative in the evening and I also get into work mode quicker. Maybe, I'm just not a morning person.

Avoid the pattern of checking your email, surfing the web, watching videos, or checking your bank statement online whenever you are really deliberately trying to get a blog post out there for your readers to read. Checking and deleting email has hardly ever been a practice to spark your creative juices.

Stumble-Upon is one nifty way to gain some creative momentum. By Stumbling your favorite topics on this popular website/social networking community you are bound to come across an article, blog post, review, or video that is interesting to you. I know this may contradict an earlier tip to not browse on the web. The keywords are 'aimless surfing' and 'purposeful researching'. If you are not familiar with Stumble-Upon then take a second to check it out.

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