Best 3 Tips Become an Organised Blogger

Best 3 Tips Become an Organised Blogger

Blogging is one of the most powerful efforts you can include in your marketing plan. While you can say that writing content for your blog may come easy for you, maintaining it while juggling all your other activities may not be that simple. The answer to this is to become an organised blogger. This is very vital, as you should not allow the other aspects of your life to be neglected just because of your blogging. Burn out is also one of the effects of being an unorganised blogger and this could affect your health.

So, here are some tips you can take up on, so you can start being an organised blogger:

1. Create a Schedule
If blogging is your business or you are using it as part of your marketing efforts, then you should not just do this when you get to doing it. You should not let it eat up your life as well. You must have a schedule where time is allocated for all the things that come with maintaining a blog. Here are just some of the aspects that should be included in your schedule:

Content - This should have more time allocated than others as this is what will make your target audience come back for more. It is better if you will write all the content you need for a week in a day, so you can have the rest of the week for other matters.

Networking - This is when you visit other blogs and comment on them. You should refrain from blatantly promoting your blog during this time. Instead, use it to develop relationships with other bloggers who will be able to help drive more traffic to your site when they link to your site.

Promotion - You have to let people know that you have a blog, otherwise, how will they know that you are even there. Promoting your blog is essential in getting the traffic you want.

Stats Monitoring - This does not mean that you have to be totally dependent on your statistics. However, you should also be aware on whether your efforts are working or not. Just look into your bounce rate, page views, where your visitors were before they landed on your site and referring sites so that you will know which efforts you have done are working and not.

Site Monitoring - Make sure that your website is running well with pages loading correctly and without any broken links. Remember that no visitor will ever return to a problematic site.

Other Tasks - This should be allocated in doing other marketing aspects for your business like updating your contact list, making your business cards, flyers and brochures and thinking up of free giveaways.

It is important to remember that you could not accomplish all of these in a day. Doing at least one for a single day is already enough. Your content should be the one with the most time allocation.

2. Have a Portable Organiser on Hand Always
Everywhere you go, you should have this with you. It should contain your business cards, flyers and even your media kit. With this, you will always be prepared in case you might meet someone who will ask for your card or will want to read more information about you during your meeting. Never allow yourself to miss an opportunity.

3. Keep an Erase Board at Home
This is the easiest and most prominent way to keep an eye of all the things you have done and everything else that you still need to do. Write your schedule and all your plans on this board. This is the best thing you can keep to remind you always of your blogging goals.

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