New Tip and Trick For Bloggers To Increase Google Page Rank

Increase Blog PageRank
After the first page rank update of 2013 that was happened on 4th Feb 2013, many blogs got very impressive PR. And now the second page rank update of 2013 is in its way. It is very near. Probably it will happen in the second week on May. Actually this is only the prediction. No one is sure about that when will second page rank update happen. We all bloggers are excited and hope to gain some PR to our blog. That's why we try everything to increase PR. We try to build quality backlinks because they help us to gain link juice which increases our blog page rank. But friends, today I am going to share a special trick that will boost your blog's indexing, traffic and PR too. Let's see what's special today.

Trick to Increase Blog Page Rank

Actually page rank depends on various factors like:
  1. Incoming Links
  2. Outgoing Links
  3. Internal Links (Read: Benefits of Internal Linking in SEO)
  4. Dofollow Links (Recommended Post: How to Build Quality Dofollow Backlinks)
  5. Nofollow Links
  6. and many more...
But today I'll tell you how you can increase your blog page rank by using static pages in blogger.

Yes, you heard it right. You may already use them in your blog for some important pages like about us page, contact us page etc. But, now we can use static pages in such a manner that will help us to gain some extra link juice that will directly increase page rank of our blog and blog posts. Let's see how it can be possible.

Friends I hope you all guys are using labels on your blog to categorize your blog posts. Right! Sometime you may definitely use them as an in-content link (internal link).

But friends do you know that our labels pages are blocked by Robots.txt file.

That means they will not be crawled by the search engine crawlers. Hence there is no benefit to link that label page. It will only waste our valuable link juice that we can use to increase our blog page rank.

Now here we can apply a trick. The trick is that we can create a HTML sitemap page for the particular label and use it every time when we need to interlink the label.
That sitemap page will hold all the posts which come under the same label. If page rank of that page will increase, all of the posts will get some strength and link juice will be divided among all of them.

In that way, the page rank juice will flow among the entire blog. In result the PR of our blog will increase.

Now let's see how we can increase page rank for that sitemap page.

Increase Page Rank for Sitemap Page

Once you create your HTML sitemap page, use it every time when you need to build links for the label page.
  1. Use it in internal links.

  2. Build quality backlinks for that page. You can read this tutorial that describes how to build quality backlinks for blog or you can read these Social bookmarking tips to build genuine dofollow backlinks.

  3. Use that page as a website URL in blog commenting. The best way to get dofollow backlinks from blog commenting is commenting on KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled blogs.

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