Automatic Share Blog Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Super Tips and Tricks

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Previously I shared a trick to auto publish blog posts on twitter to prevent valuable time wastage. As you may all know that all social media sites are very important to share the content if we want to increase blog traffic and social presence. That's why today I bring another trick that will help us to share our blog posts after publishing directly on all social media sites like facebook, twitter and Google Plus using a amazing service that delivered the content across the social media sites. So, let see how to use it to setup auto blog posting on facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

Sharing Blog Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Below are some very simple steps which you have to perform.
  1. Go to and sign up for an account.

  2. dlvr sign up

  3. Now add your feedburner feed URL in the given box as shown in below images. If you don't have feedburner feed URL then read this post to setup feedburner feed for blog.

  4. add your feed

  5. Now choose your destination where you want to share your feed. For example: I choose twitter.

  6. choose your destination

  7. Once you click on twitter icon you will redirect to twitter page. Enter your twitter username and password and click on "Authorize App" button.

  8. authorize app

  9. Once the process is complete your twitter account will be added in your dashboard. It means now your blog feed is ready for automatic share on twitter. If you want to add more social media sites like facebook or Google plus then simply click on "Add Route" button as shown in below image.

  10. add route
  11. Once you click on Add Route button, you have to add the source and destination. Choose your existing feed URL as source and select social media site of your choice as your destination.

  12. choose source and destination

  13. Once you setup all these things you will be ready to share your blog feeds on facebook, twitter, Google plus etc.

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